The Horse Rider’s Mechanic Course

This course is for riders who would like to improve their position and balance rapidly—the two most essential skills for riding well. You cannot obtain an 'independent seat' without good position and balance. This course will ensure that you ride to the very best of your ability and get that elusive independent seat, resulting in better welfare for your horse.

Position and balance when riding are of vital importance, not so that you look pretty, but to make yourself as easy to carry for your horse as possible. It is possible to rapidly improve your position and balance and obtain that elusive ‘independent seat’. This course takes you through a detailed set of lessons that build you as a rider to ride to the best of your ability. 

Does this sound like your situation?

  • You are fed up with spending money and getting nowhere.
  • The harder you try, the worse your riding seems to become.
  • The more you try to correct things, the more you upset your horse.
  • Some of your riding friends seem to be forging ahead while you seem to be getting nowhere fast.
  • You have considered giving up because you and your horse don’t seem to be having fun anymore.
  • You feel pain and discomfort when you are riding.
  • You remember how riding used to be so much easier when you were younger.
  • Things are not going to plan, and you feel frustrated, disappointed and exhausted.

Isn’t it time you stopped…

  • Wasting money on lessons that are not helping.
  • Making excuses because you no longer want to ride.
  • Beating yourself up‘ because you don’t seem to be improving.
  • Feeling discouraged because what was once an enjoyable passion is now just too difficult.
  • Getting frustrated with your horse when you know it is not their fault.
  • Living in fear of the damage you are doing to your horse because you know you are not riding well.

What WILL happen if you buy this course?

  • You WILL save money.
  • You WILL be able to identify where you are going wrong with your riding position and balance.
  • You WILL be able to fix those problems yourself.
  • You WILL have a stepwise guide and a clear plan to follow.
  • Your frustrations WILL disappear as your riding improves out of sight.
  • You WILL feel safer and more secure because you will gain an ‘independent seat’ – the ‘holy grail’ of becoming a good rider.
  • You WILL develop a better ‘bond’ with your horse.

This course is a toolkit that takes care of the fundamental issues that hold you back as a rider.

The course includes a series of lessons (written and videos) and articles.

Plus membership of a private online Facebook group. In this group, you can participate in guided learning and get even more help!

There are also assessments to do so that you can check off your progress.

The course, and the guided learning that goes with it, will teach you how to improve your riding rapidly. Allowing you to reach your riding goals and achieve your dreams in a step-wise manner.

The Horse Rider’s Mechanic course is for you if…

You are fed up with spending money on lessons and feeling like you are getting nowhere…

This is a prevalent problem. Most instructors are not trained to teach position and balance and concentrate on the horse rather than the rider. When you sort out your body issues, you will be able to carry on with your regular instructor and make much better progress.

You already have a good instructor, but there are specific position and balance issues that they and you are struggling with…

This course will complement the teachings of a good instructor rather than replace them.

You used to ride well as a child, but you are now finding it much more difficult as an adult…

There are many reasons why as an adult, you may find it challenging to ride as well as you did when younger. Particularly if you have a long break from riding, you can start to improve once you understand the reasons and solutions! Again, a common problem. 

You are just starting out, and you are feeling overwhelmed with the conflicting information out there…

There is so much conflicting information (on the internet in particular): some good, some bad. If you are new to riding, you may be being told all the wrong information; make sure this is not you!

You have previous injuries/body issues that are causing you problems when you ride…

Past injuries and actual disabilities can hold you back usually because you haven’t been shown how to work with them. No one has a ‘perfect body’. It is all about learning how to maximise what you have.

You teach others, and you need solutions to their position and balance problems…

Give yourself a leg up and get ahead of the game! A large number of my clients are instructors/coaches. As already mentioned, these subjects are not usually taught as part of regular riding coach education.

Are you ready to start getting the results you want?

Here are just a few quotes (from thousands) from people who have experienced The Horse Rider’s Mechanic…

Alex Le Grand EBQ PPGBI – Equine Behaviourist & Trainer:

“As an equine behaviourist and trainer, I help horse owners with behavioural issues, and I also provide training sessions for groundwork, ridden work, handling, etc. Horses that have behavioural issues under saddle often struggle due to the rider being unbalanced or having slight issues with their position or seat. I studied HRM as a form of CPD to further my knowledge on this topic so that I was able to provide clients with a more holistic solution alongside the behaviour modification, training & complementary therapies.

I have found this course to be very helpful in providing me with further knowledge of rider biomechanics and whenever I am now teaching behaviour-based riding lessons or working with behavioural issues under saddle, I use the knowledge I learned from the HRM course to analyse the rider’s position and seat and ensure that there are no issues there. I find that this really complements the behaviour modification and training really well.”

Jill Farmers (Braidwood – Australia):

“I just can’t tell you how much difference The Horse Rider Mechanics Course has made to my riding. After many years of lessons, I knew that there was something just not right about my riding and your information and guidance has changed everything. I could never keep my legs in position and my rising trot seemed to produce short choppy strides in my horses. Since I’ve worked with your programme this has all changed. I can’t thank you enough.”

Fiona Bowles (Canada):

“What a simple way to improve balance, I now teach this method to all of my students, from beginners to advanced.”

Howard (UK):

“So much of what is written about riding overcomplicates the subject – your information is refreshing to say the least!”

Jill Warren (Aus):

“Jane – you have a knack of making things make sense, and getting that across to your students – I wish more people could teach as you do.”

Jan Coombs (UK):

“These books and the course are VERY easy to follow and have saved me money. My own instructor is great but she does not cover these fundamental basics. Thank you Jane for making it so easy to improve my riding!”

Linda Galpin (UK):

The Horse Rider’s Mechanic System has made a huge difference to my relationship with my horse Milly. I have ridden all my life but Jane showed me how to fix some problems that were blocking our progression.”

Kitty Jones (USA):

“What I love most about The Horse Rider’s Mechanic System of riding (and teaching) is that it breaks what can be complex issues down into bite-sized pieces and teaches you step by step what you really need to know.”

Bibi Liati (AUS):

“Jane has revolutionised my riding, plus many others that have attended clinics at my property ‘The Bibi Ranch‘. She just has such a great way of explaining to riders, both inexperienced and advanced alike. I call her my horsey hero and I cannot praise her enough.”

Julie Spencer (USA):

“The Equiculture approach to everything horsey – from how you manage your horses to how you ride – has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now more involved in our improved horse ‘lifestyle’.”

Louise Smithy (USA):

“I have to tell you – I nearly did not buy these books (and the course that came out later) what a mistake that would have been! I thought they were going to be ‘same old – same old’ but how wrong I was. Thank you Jane for giving me my (riding) life back!”

Tracey (Aus):

“What an amazing wonderful woman, to have so much knowledge and be able to impart it to the rider in such a small amount of time. To see a rider ask about trot extensions (the way we were generally taught was to sit down hard and push with your seat) with her help the rider accomplished the extended trot within a few minutes, a happy well-rounded horse and a beaming rider.”

Jane Butler (Aus):

“I have to tell you that the article you wrote on ‘The Independent Seat’ is truly amazing! Maybe it is because I am wanting that material and have been searching online and haven’t come across anything that comes within cooee of your article…and maybe it is just brilliant in its own right?! Thanks – I am working on it and appreciate your writing from such an understanding angle.”

Sharon Wright – New England (USA):

“I love The Horse Rider’s Mechanic approach to improving your riding – I now use this method in my own teaching – thank you Jane!”

Jennie Stevens – Norfolk – UK:

Horse Rider’ Mechanic – ‘Brilliantly Simple – Simply Brilliant‘ that is so true, so glad I found you.”

Petra Wilds – UK:

“I got back to riding after a long break (to have a family) and was very disappointed with how much harder it seemed to be now that my body has changed somewhat. Jane has helped me to understand what is happening and how to work with those changes rather than against them. Such a revelation!”

Susan Reynolds – AUS:

“Finding Jane was a turning point for me, before that I literally struggled for years, tying myself in knots, trying to do what I thought was the right thing. Jane’s instruction certainly put me on the right track and fast.”

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Module 1 - Position: Feet, Ankles, Calves, Whole lower legs. Balance: The gaits, Riding the walk.
Module 2 - Position: Knees, Thighs. Balance: Riding the trot, Rising trot.
Module 3 - Position: Hips, Lower body as a whole. Balance: Standing trot.
Module 4 - Position: Torso, Head and neck. Balance: Sitting trot plus two more trot lessons.
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  • 31 Lessons
  • 44 Topics