Teach Yourself Horse Stage 1

Would you like to learn how to understand horse behaviour? This course takes you through the fundamentals of equine behaviour as it applies to the modern-day horse.

Would you like to learn how to understand herd behaviour?

The Teach Yourself Horse e-book was written by Heather Simpson, co-founder of the NAC. 

The book has been designed to take you through the most fundamental and key areas of equine behaviour science in an easy-to-understand way, so that you can better understand your own horse’s behaviour.

Herd Behaviour

In part 1, we cover the ever expanding subject of herd behaviour. Learn all about herd dynamics, herd integrations, keeping the peace and adaptation problems that are so commonly seen in the modern-day horse.

Early Development

In part 2, we cover the early development of horses. Learn all about how first impressions have a lasting impact, how playtime is incredibly important and how foals learn and develop as they grow. Also learn how to avoid the common behavioural issues that develop as a result of poor foal management.

Problem Solving and Case Studies

In part 3, we give you a taste of what it's like to look at horses through the eye of a behaviourist. We take you through a number of case studies and walk you through why the issues presented as well as how we overcame them. As a bonus, we have included our 10 Point Problem Solving Plan to help you with any issues you may be having with your own equines.

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  • 18 Lessons