The Equiculture Sustainable Horsekeeping Course

The course is for anyone who owns one or more horses/ponies. If you are just starting out or if you have been into horses for many years this course is essential. This course challenges traditional outdated methods and offers innovative solutions for the forward thinking horse owner.

Are you concerned about the welfare of your horses? Are you concerned about your time and costs? Are you concerned about the wider environment and climate change? 

This is a course like no other! 

Are you ready to become part of the exciting Equiculture movement? 

First of all, who is this course for?

Anyone who owns one or more horses/ponies. If you are just starting out or if you have been into horses for many years this course is essential. This course challenges traditional outdated methods and offers innovative solutions for the forward-thinking horse owner.

It does not matter where in the world you live either; we have members who live in various countries (and climates), from the UK to Australia, from the USA to South Africa, from Canada to Sweden, and many more…

Why do you need this course?

If you want to be a Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical horse owner/manager this course will guide you and offer practical solutions so that you can make informed choices for the benefit of your horse/s, yourself and the land.

Why this course, and why now?

To put it bluntly, the traditional management of horses is not working. There is increased obesity, ill health, behavioural issues, damaged soil causing unhealthy pasture, higher costs, the list goes on. Added to this are very real concerns about climate change etc. This course addresses all of these issues and much more.

Instead, would you like to…

  • Learn how to save money, time and energy and be able to do more of the things you love with your horse/s?
  • Learn how to create a better ‘lifestyle’ for your horse/s and allow them to carry out more of their natural behaviours?
  • Learn how to improve the health of the land and increase biodiversity?

Read just a few of our many endorsements:

“Forget micro-management, go Equicentral and embrace macro-management then sit back and watch the horses thrive. It’s a revelation.” April Chalklin-Costa – Puckshott Farm Livery, UK.

”The Equiculture approach to everything horsey – from how you manage your horses to how you ride – has been a revelation for me. My horses have benefited so much. My partner also loves this approach and is now much more involved in our improved ‘horse lifestyle”. Julie Spencer, USA.

”I went to one of your talks in Taree (Aus) a couple of years ago, (rather arrogantly thinking I’d know most of it already). It was life changing for me, my horses, and my land. I now enjoy smugly comparing the biodiversity on my place compared to the neighbours!” Janet (Aus)

Does this sound like your situation?

  • Your expenses are going up every year and you are having to work harder to pay for your horse/s upkeep?
  • You are fed up with spending more time doing ‘horse chores’ than spending ‘quality time’ with your horse/s?
  • You are concerned about your horse/s behaviour and you know that they are not ‘living their best life’?
  • You want to manage your horse/s in a responsiblesustainable and ethical way, but you do not know how to achieve this?
  • You are confused about safe grazing for your horses?
  • You are anxious about your horse/s weight?
  • You want your horse/s to graze more naturally but you are apprehensive about what might happen if they do?
  • You are concerned that each year there are more weeds, more bare soil and less grass?
  • You are really not happy with how the land looks?
  • You know you should be increasing biodiversity but you are not sure how?
  • You are over having nothing mud when it’s wet…and dust when it’s dry?

This course will help you to solve your problems (and many more) and will set you on a path to a totally fresh way to keep horses…

This is the only toolkit created that teaches this subject and from a ONE WELFARE perspective.

One Welfare:

The concept that the environment, animal welfare and human wellbeing are all interconnected and influence each other.

Included in this course:

  • The 8 course modules.
  • Books 1 and 2 of The Equicentral System series as PDFs.
  • Optional membership of the private Equiculture Central Facebook Group (the course is complete without the group but it is a bonus if you do join).
  • Permanent access, there are no time limits to completing this course.

Course Content

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The Equiculture Sustainable Horsekeeping Course - Welcome

MODULE 1 - Horses - past, present and future
MODULE 2 - Horse behaviour, welfare and lifestyle
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MODULE 3 - Horses and pasture plants
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MODULE 4 - Land degradation and land improvement
MODULE 5 - Horses and manure
MODULE 6 - Grazing management and systems
MODULE 7 - Horses and water
MODULE 8 - Horses and vegetation/trees
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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 22 Topics