• 8 Lessons

    Bach Flower Animal Counsellor Course

    This is the course for anyone who wants to help animals using the Bach Flower Remedies; it’s our own Animal Counsellor course certified by the Natural Animal Centre.
  • 56 Lessons

    Bach Flower Remedies: Animal Practitioner

    Welcome to the Natural Animal Centre’s distance learning programme contained in three stages covering essential animal behaviour.  As a registered Bach Human Practitioner, once you…
  • 18 Lessons

    Teach Yourself Horse Stage 1

    Would you like to learn how to understand horse behaviour? This course takes you through the fundamentals of equine behaviour as it applies to the modern-day horse.
  • 9 Lessons

    The Equiculture Sustainable Horsekeeping Course

    The course is for anyone who owns one or more horses/ponies. If you are just starting out or if you have been into horses for many years this course is essential. This course challenges traditional outdated methods and offers innovative solutions for the forward thinking horse owner.

  • 31 Lessons

    The Horse Rider’s Mechanic Course

    This course is for riders who would like to improve their position and balance rapidly—the two most essential skills for riding well. You cannot obtain an 'independent seat' without good position and balance. This course will ensure that you ride to the very best of your ability and get that elusive independent seat, resulting in better welfare for your horse.